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Max Air Attic Insulation

Fort Worth Attic Insulation Services

When it comes to building a home, there are countless components that go into making sure the building is safe and ready to live in for many years to come. While the average person simply can’t keep track of all of those components, there are a few big steps that every homeowner needs to know about, including insulation. Insulation is what keeps cold air in and warm air out of your home when it’s hot outside, which helps save energy and keep you comfortable. This is especially important in places like Texas, where even your attic needs to be insulated!

If you need attic insulation in Fort Worth, look no further than Max Air. We are experts in everything HVAC, including the insulation that makes sure your air conditioner’s hard work doesn’t go to waste in the summer heat. Call on us today to get started!

Why get attic insulation?

Customers often ask us whether attic insulation is really necessary, but think about it: without insulation in your attic, the entire top of your home becomes a passage for energy-wasting heat transfer that costs you money and strains your HVAC system. Not to mention, the building code in Texas requires attic insulation! Insulation is typically categorized by its R-value, or its resistance to heat transfer. Attics in Texas must be insulated to a minimum of R-30.

Blown-In Insulation Services

While most homeowners are familiar with the solid rolls or batts of insulation that are more commonly used in homes, these kinds of insulation aren’t the best choice for attic spaces. Every attic is filled with tight areas and obstacles that prevent full insulation coverage, such as where the roof meets the edge of the house. This leaves your home vulnerable to energy inefficiency despite the layer of insulation everywhere else.

Blown-in insulation is the best attic insulation available for your home, which is why the Max Air experts always use it to insulate attic spaces. Made of fiberglass, cellulose or mineral wool, blown-in insulation is loose-fill, meaning it isn’t compressed into one large piece like other insulations. This type of insulation can reach all of the cracks and crevices in your attic, providing a complete layer of protection for your home.

Call on Max Air

At Max Air, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve built over the last 25 years. To us, it means we’re doing the very thing we set out to do by providing premium HVAC services at an affordable price. To our customers, it means they can count on us to take care of their homes by keeping them comfortable and safe. As hard as we work to live up to our reputation with every service call, we wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Experienced Insulation Contractors

Providing customers with the best attic insulation also includes having the best installation technicians around. Every technician on the Max Air team is licensed, with the training and experience required to provide high-quality insulation services in addition to full-service HVAC. When you call on Max Air’s insulation contractors, you know that you’re receiving the best service in the Fort Worth area.

When it comes to other insulation companies, Fort Worth residents don’t waste their time. Instead, they choose Max Air for all of their attic insulation needs. Contact us today for more information or to begin your service request!

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