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Max Air Ductless AC Installation and Repair

Ductless AC Installation & Repair in Fort Worth, Texas

Are you sick and tired of dealing with air duct leaks and inadequate temperatures in your home? Air ducts can be responsible for up to 40% of energy loss in your home! That’s a lot of air that’s escaping or losing its chill on it’s way to your vents. Luckily, there’s another option for reliable air conditioning: ductless mini-splits. 

Max Air is the Fort Worth ductless installation team you need on your side. Not only can we help you evaluate the needs of your home, but we can also perform high-quality ductless AC installations to get your home running efficiently. Contact us today for more information on investing in a mini-split system for your home!

How Is Ductless AC Different?

Ductless and traditional ACs are similar in their main build. They both consist of an indoor and outdoor unit. The outdoor units both house the mechanical and electrical components that make it possible for your air to be cooled or heated. Their indoor units, or air handlers, differ in their installation location. Instead of being tucked away in an attic out of sight, ductless air handlers are installed directly to your interior wall. 

The main difference between the two systems is the presence of ducts. As ‘ductless’ AC implies, this system does not use ducts to transport air from the air handler to the vents in your home. In fact, the air handler installed on your wall is where the cool or warm air is delivered to your Fort Worth home. This is one of the reasons why mini-splits are considered highly efficient systems — there are no duct leaks to waste air or energy!

The Benefits of Ductless AC Installation in Fort Worth 

So what makes ductless cooling so much more efficient than traditional HVAC cooling? Here are some of the main advantages that ductless cooling brings:

  • Quick Installation — The size and simplicity of the ductless AC setup mean that installation times are significantly reduced. Without having to lay ductwork and attach the AC to all of the ducts and vents, ductless AC often only takes a few hours to install altogether.
  • Precise Comfort — Zone-cooling technology allows your home to be cooled much more accurately. Because you don’t have to cool the entire home to feel any temperature change, you have more control over the cooling of your home. 
  • High Efficiency — Ductless ACs use variable speed compressors to cool your home more efficiently. This means they’re able to run at speeds other than super high or super low. The ability to regulate the amount of power the unit needs to use at any given time is a major asset to your home’s efficiency. 
  • Appearance — The ductless AC is also designed to be sleek and compact in size. Although the air handler must be installed inside your home, it takes up a small amount of space. Plus, some manufacturers offer color options to help match your wall color or trim. 
  • Reduced Operational Expense — While the upfront cost of a mini-split system might be significant, the operational expense is far less. The number or repairs and breakdowns that these systems experience are markedly less than traditional ACs.

Interested In Ductless Cooling?

Max Air has dedicated years to learning the ins and outs of ductless cooling systems. This means we are the best team to complete your Fort Worth ductless AC installation or revisit your home to take care of ductless AC repairs if they occur. If you think ductless AC is right for your home, let our professionals evaluate your needs. Contact us today to get started on your ductless journey!

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