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As a homeowner, your bathroom is in regular use. From your morning to nightly routine, your bathroom forms an integral part of your home. Because of this, your bathroom plumbing will require periodic cleaning and maintenance. Without proper care, you may experience leaks, clogs and a spike in your monthly water bill.

At Max Air, we understand that many things can go wrong with a residential or commercial bathroom.

These problems can range from simple dripping faucets to drain problems. Issues with the bathroom plumbing can disrupt your day and cause many inconveniences, so it’s best to leave these issues to trained professionals.

Trusted Bathroom Plumbing Service in Fort Worth, TX

Max Air provide comprehensive service coverage in various locations throughout the Fort Worth Dallas Metroplex, including the Johnson County area.

We are strategically located across multiple locations allowing us to service your home or building quickly. You can count on our experienced professional plumbers to get the job done right the first time.

Service Areas

We understand that bathrooms are plumbing hubs in any office or home. These complex plumbing systems have many sections and important fixtures, including faucets, drains, pipes, tubs, showers and toilets. Our highly trained team is equipped to handle all types of bathroom plumbing repair jobs.

We specialize in the following issues and more:

Dripping Faucets

The sound of a dripping faucet may not be cause for concern at first. However, leaky faucets can waste a lot of water if left unattended, cause water damage to surrounding fixtures, and increase your water bill.

Running Toilets

A running toilet requires prompt bathroom plumbing repair services from a qualified plumber. If neglected, a continuously running toilet can become prone to clogs. In addition, it can become a costly problem in the long term.

Clogged Toilets

Unfortunately, clogged toilets are a common problem, with 28 million American homeowners reporting the issue each month. Homeowners can quickly clear minor clogs, but the severe ones that don’t go away easily will require professional drain repair.

Clogged Drains

Commercial drains can easily get clogged due to daily use. For example, sink drains in restaurants, hotels, resorts and public areas can be prone to frequent clogging. In addition, shower drains and bathtubs usually collect more debris in residential buildings and individual homes.

Leaking Pipes

Pipes with visible leaks can be easily spotted and fixed, and homeowners can patch up small leaks with sealers readily available from the hardware store. However, the more difficult ones to detect are leaking pipes behind walls. This is because the leaky pipe may already have caused some damage before homeowners notice them.

The first sign of a leaky pipe is usually a sudden and inexplicable rise in your water bill. Then, other symptoms may creep up, like structural damage in some walls and floors, along with mold growth in certain parts of your house. It’s best to call your trusted plumber immediately when you notice these signs.

Foul Odors

Foul odors can come from your drain, but sometimes they can also be caused by other blockages. These unpleasant smells are an indicator of sewage backup and should immediately be addressed before they become worse.

Low Water Pressure

Another common issue experienced by Fort Worth residents is poor water pressure. Residents can notice the problem when the shower pressure begins to decrease.

Several factors like the following can cause this problem:

  • Corroded or leaking pipes
  • Problems with the water heater
  • A closed valve
  • Faulty pressure regulator
  • Worn out mixing valve
  • Clogged showerhead
  • Low flow showerheads

Having reduced water pressure in the bathroom can also mean poor water pressure in your entire home. This problem is a bit difficult to troubleshoot, so it is best left to an expert plumber.

Water Temperature Problems

Water heater leaks can be costly, and they can impact other dependent fixtures like water pools and bathtubs. A ruptured pipe or broken down heater will require emergency plumbing repairs. Fortunately, these problems can be prevented through early detection and regular maintenance.

Water heaters will require periodic maintenance to ensure you have enough hot water running in the house. Regular maintenance also saves you money due to costly repairs and replacement parts. In addition, plumbers can detect and address potential problems before they become more severe.

Bathroom Plumbing Services Through Max Air

At Max Air, you can rely on our team of professionals to provide unmatched bathroom plumbing repair and maintenance and top-notch customer service. Together with our partners, we provide reliable services including the following:

  • Bathroom fixture installation
  • Routine maintenance work
  • Toilet, sink, faucet and pipe repairs
  • Drain cleaning and maintenance
  • Water pressure adjustment
  • Water heater repair and replacement

Our team proudly serves residents of the Dallas Fort Worth area. We offer professional solutions to fix bathroom problems promptly and effectively.

Contact us today to find out how we can best serve you.

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